{Adults Only} Finding Your Match at F*ckbook

Gone are the days when you needed a lot of time, connections and prowess in order to contract a romantic hook up or get to know someone who you have the hots for. Fuckbook is an invention that has removed all the hurdles that people normally face when it comes to making romantic connections and it has made everything (including sex) available at a click away and at a moment’s notice. The only catch is that you do have to establish yourself (as is the case with most online dating sites) before you get to witness or experience any real action.

Today, I’m going to talk about a site that’s a bit on the risque side – the fuckbook online dating site.

This will be a post some people may declare raunchy, so if it’s not your cup of tea, by all means, skip it.  

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The site which was built for open showcasing of sexual material (how else do you get on TMZ?) but within some reasonable confines had become undeniably popular in recent years mostly because of the ease of use. The website itself is very easy to navigate through and finding matches that fall under several chief categories has also never been easier. Not to mention there aren’t any spam bots or fake requests to impede progress. There are many ways you can get a match on Fuckbook provided you know how to operate it well enough. You need to keep three major points in mind which are mentioned below.

These three main points are:

  • Consistency
  • Desirability
  • Follow up Reactions

In consistency you need to be online for long periods of time because without that your presence will not be known and the people who show interest in you by repeatedly checking your profile (there is a feature on Fuckbook that allows you to see how many times someone has seen your profile) will lose interest quickly and move on to someone that is more available.

The availability feature is what makes this website tick and if you aren’t available, you aren’t going to benefit from it in any real way and your romantic endeavors will be fruitless. The second most important thing is that you need to be desirable and that should show in your self confidence, the way you talk and the pictures you put up.

After you have laid the groundwork for further advancement, you must then follow up on the woman or man you were interested in. Keep up regular contact and stay tuned to receive updates about them and to view any new pictures. This will help you stay connected and if nothing else will make you a few friends along the way.



5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Date Like You


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Do you want to make your date like you? Then you should be wise with your first or second date. Always remember that first impressions last, so make the most of it and apply these keys to achieve your goal “to make your date like you”. These are the things that you should do to make your date like you.

  1. Make Your First Date Comfortable – first date are very important for those who really like their dates, so make sure you make it comfortable for him or her. Don’t be too shy, sensitive and just show your real personality. Always remember that in this status, he or she is interested with you and giving you a chance to know him or her or to know you. Make it comfortable or else you won’t reach to second or third date. You can do it by responding to conversations, share thoughts, get easy when choosing something, don’t let him or her just do everything and etc.
  2. Be confident and wear stylish clothes – when you are on your dating status everything should be perfect, you should learn to be stylish, be confident, show that you are one of a kind and etc. but make sure you don’t look or sound too much. Just be the girl that every guy would love to date with.
  3. Young couple with rose, outdoorsBe yourself – letting him or her know who you really are and what your really up to would definitely work on your first, second or any dates you are going to encounter. Simply because guys want simple yet knows how to handle their style and girls want simple guys who can stand with their word. You don’t have to be popular or intelligent, just be yourself and let him or her love you for what you really are.
  4. Be a friend, but don’t forget to show interest – being in a friend status is normal, so don’t just give up yet. If he or she didn’t notice your interest, then show it and say it. When you already had a date with a person, it means he or she is already interested in you. Maybe you just need a little push and your date will know that you are more interested to him or her than just friends. Always remember that friend zone is not yet the end of your world.
  5. For Girls: Don’t be too pushy or For Boys: show interest – For boys: if you really like your date, then you should show that you are really interested with her and that you are serious with your feelings. Don’t just say it, do something about it. Sometimes girls are just waiting for you to respond or they tend to flirt for you to notice, so be cautious to that and show that you are interested too. For girls: if you are on your dating status or not, just relax, take a deep breath and let him do his part as the guy. If he doesn’t notice you, then you should flirt a little bit but not too much because guys never like girls who are too pushy.

When you know what you should do or act in your dating status, then you would probably let him or her know what you really feel about him or her. Just take it slow and by the time you notice his or her actions that shows interest, grab the chance and show that you are interested too. Be romantic or spend some time to hang out with each other.